Star Wars Headspace and ATTLAS’ “Sunset Over Manaan”

Although it had been released a while earlier, I didn’t notice the Star Wars Headspace album until seeing the vinyl at Star Wars Celebration. It’s an interesting electronic album – it is not remixes of Star Wars music, but new music in a Star Wars theme, with quotes and sound clips from the movies throughout. It bounces around several styles, like downtempo, trap, house, and ambient. Overall worth a listen.

This track in particular, which is on the downtempo/ambient side has been stuck in my head for a week. It’s a gorgeous song – starts out dark and melancholy, building to a slight tense middle that reminds me a little of BT’s “The Antikythera Mechanism” with its quick instrumental chops, then becoming positive and wistful towards the end. You might think I’m imagining a bit much with this tune, but close your eyes and give this a quiet listen and you just might hear it as well.

ATTLAS – Sunset Over Manaan