Lightsaber Meetup – May 4th Galaxy’s Edge WDW

The Lightsaber meetup at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando for May the 4th had a massive turnout. There were so many that there was an organic meetup that happened at the Falcon hours before closing -Many of those people were likely unaware of the regular meetup and just naturally congregated. Our meetups are always scheduled for right at park close as not to disrupt regular guests, and to wait for the park to clear out a bit before assembling the groups. I was a bit of a second-string photog for this one, the main group shots were handled by tow of our other regular volunteers. I mainly swept through each group trying to get some closer shots so that people would have some pictures they’re more easily recognized in vs. the rather large group shots we tend to get and these popular dates.

Group shots, TIE Echelon (By Avery)

Group Shots, Falcon (By @megdalorian on Instagram)

Group closeups (Myself)



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